Ancestors of Franz Lehár

Relatives - Eduard Joseph Riedl and Franz Lehár

Franz Lehár who was baptized as Frank Kristián Lehár has got his roots in Šumvald in the tribe that starts from Martin Riedl.
Frank was born on April 30th, 1870 in Komárno. He was the child of the band leader Frank Lehár and his wife Kristina Neubrandtová. The father - Frank Lehár was born on January 31st, 1838 in Šumvald nb.137 to Josepf Lehár and his wife Anna Polachová. Anna was born on February 12th, 1804 in Šumvald no.94 as a daughter of Barbora Riedl-ová and her husband George Polach.  
Barbora Riedl-ová - great-grandmother of Franz Lehár, had apart from other siblings a brother Josepf *31.12.1794. This Josepf was ancestor, respectivelly great-grandfather of my grandfather Eduard Josepf.  
And so it happened that Franz Lehár belongs to our big Riedl´s family.

And how it looks with the ancestors of Franz Lehár in sire line, so here the comment is different. So for example according to Wikipedia it was like this: 
Lehár´s father was a band leader of Austrian army, originally from Moravia with French roots. According to Lehár´s family telling, marquiz„Le Harde“ who fought in Napoleonic army was their ancestor. He was captured in 1805 at Slavkov (according to another version he was captured earlier in 1799), he managed to escape the capture and married a Moravian girl from a farmer family who kept hiding him for some time. It is confirmed that the captured soldier called „Le Harde“ really existed. 
Or it was absolutely different – I got the lists from Register Office in Olomouc some time ago and in these lists the history of Lehár´s tribe from Morava is evidenced. I did not check them as I consider them to be credible.

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