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Welcome to "Riedl-country"

Come and visit these web pages which offer to you a history of one kin. I will try to share results of my survey with you.It's based on memories of my relatives from Šumvald and on documents in archives in Olomouc and Opava.

On these web pages you can get along with some information about each holder of the name Riedl, Riedel, Ridel, Ridl, Ridel and its next mutation in Czech, Moravia, Silesia and actually in the whole world.We gather all the information from people who were willing to give us their datas.If you have the intention to help us with extending information about Riedl,you are welcome on these pages.



In The Czech Republic there are registered 610+816 holders of the name Riedl, 252+148 holders of the names Riedel and Riedelová,57+52 holder of the names Rídl and Rídlová, 37+39 holder os the names Ridl and Ridlová nad 5 + 6 holders of the names Ridel,Ridelová.All the results are comming from statistic overview to 1st of August 2002.You can find it in MVČR.Because it's known that human race according to survey of DNA is comming from 7 mothers,one from them certainly had to be our.Do not hesistate and if you know anything, say it on: e-mail or Riedl Blog The kin of Riedl has got own hill, too. Those of you who don't know it, have a look on Riedlstein in the Bavarian Forest.
There are even luckier Riedls who can use proud title Riedl von Riedelstein.

The certificate of origin:

Newly I´ve had the certificate of origin compiled in Molecular Genetics Laboratory on the basis of DNA testing. Within the scope of this test the laboratory define twelve chromosome characters that guarantee safe identification of your origin for the last thousand years. It is said that it quadrates the last fifty generations. The genograpfical test is possible to practise only on men. Women are discriminated by nature itself in this case. Watched characters according to which the origin of man is determinated, are visible in male sex chromosome Y that is always transfered only from father and women do not have it. The genes are usually inherited from generation to generation but by every transfer they deeply mix up. Only some of their parts remain without change - it is segments of chromosome Y. These characters, called "markers" by geneticists, the laboratory read, range and compare with the widest database of 47 thousand of samples from all over the world. "It is possible to imagine it on the example of barcode. Those characters that we read are individual lines. If we put them together we get the barcode and we can find the same or similar one to it in the world," founder and chief executive Genomacu Marek Minárik explained. The whole barcode is expertly called Y-haplotype. " it is not a profile of DNA used e.g. by criminalistics. You can´t identify a concrete person according to it. But you will find a group which such a person belongs to...
Here about our origin

What you can find it here:

On these web pages you can find something from history of the Riedl's kin from Hradec, exactly Šumvald, something about origin and history of the name, particular kins and how they had been migrated from Šumvald to surroundings and to abroad.You can also find connections to other kins, which they extended the kin because of the marridge of one of the Riedl-member.You can also read about coat-of-arms, about native Šumvald etc.So do not hesistate and come to another pages.




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