Certificate of patriarch Riedl´s origin

Laboratory analyse of your DNA will not show the names or your far relative (although I got to know that it is possible if you are lucky). But the completed test finds out what kind of blood circulate in your veins and who was your predecessors after about last thousand years back.

Certificate of origin is a document that translates to an understandable language the result of the genegraphical test. At the same time it also shows the same or the most similar samples of your DNA on the map.
The laboratory defines twelve chromosome characters that guarantee safe identification of your origin for the last thousand years. „It is said that it quadrates the last fifty generations“. The database in which the laboratory compares the samples with others is the biggest one in the world. Quite reliably you can find there places where there are genetical similar people to you. Later it is possible to deduce from their dislocating on the planet the trace of migration.

An integral part of every genegraphical test is its right interpretation. That´s why the certificate includes the map with occurrence of the same genetical samples but also with a detailed explanation of how your predecessors migrated and how just you most probably got to czech dell. Together with the  certificate I received a protocol with the values of every watched attribute in my chromosome. Via internet it is possible then to search far relatives in other public databases of samples in the whole world and according to my „markers“. In these databases that steadily increase people also leave their contact. I may find somebody really very related to me on the other side of the planet…..

And so how it is with us

The oldest origins of our father´s line (Riedl) surely lies in the southern Europe in Mediterranean territory ( Italy eventually Turkey) from where its carriers arrived at the territory of Czech Republik, Poland and Germany – whether in prehistory within the migration or aggressions of the citizens of Balkan Peninsula or later together with the business caravans or by another occasion..
This interpretation is confirmed by the result of comparision with a group of the nearest related profiles (profiles varies about one attribute) where corresponding equivalences were found in Italy and France.
In the middle Europe respectively in Czech Republic this type of profile is unusual.

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