Ancestors of Bahr

From 1860 to 1890 a group of Moravians left the villages of Unter/Oberlangendorf (Dlouha Loucka), Maehr. Truebenz (Brevenec), Schoenwald (Sumvald), Roemmerstadt (Rymarov), Jonsdorf and Pinkaute (Plinkout) to settle in Walnut and Grant Townships of Barton County, KS and eventually founding the town of Olmuetz, KS; now spelled Olmitz. Our relatives are Riedl, Shenk, Bahr, Schneider and others.

Riedl and Bahr Families in America several times crossed. Hermina Riedl (*6.4.1868) married Johann (John) Bahr, Theresie Riedl (*19.10.1862) married Joseph Bahr, Frances Riedl (*23.5.1888) married Joseph Frank Bahr, Marcela Riedel (*12.4.1929) married Leonard E. Maneth (grandmother Klara Bahr), Mary J. Riedel (*24.5.1931) married Bernard R. Schenk (grandmother Emilie Bahr)

Here is a picture of L to R ( Frank Riedl & Frank W. Bahr Sr. in carriage to invite friends to Frank Bahr's wedding to Mary Victoria Schneider. House in background belongs to Joseph Schneider Mary’s father, and was where she was born.

Not all the information is confirmed by looking in the register. About two years writing by e-mail to Bill from Illinois, who sends me information about the family. Here is the result of my research at a distance about Family Bahr.

Talking about Johannes Bahr, its women and children

Generation 1 – Johannes Bahr Great-great grandfather
Johannes was married three times.  His first wife Clara died in childbirth.  Their daughter Clara, 1850 to March 22, 1915 wed Joseph Zimmer in 1873.  He was born in 1838 – June 5, 1920.  They lived on a farm west of Olmitz.  Later, they retired in Olmitz.  Their children are:  Anna Zimmer Schreiber, Hermina Zimmer Meitner Weigel High, Augusta Zimmer Maneth, Theresias Zimmer Jones, Frank and Mary (June 10,1888 – Nov 15, 1909). 
Johannes lived with his second wife (Bill’s great-great grandmother) Theresa Langer in Trebenz Moravia, Austria.  She died at an early age in Moravia.  Their three sons were born in Austria.  They are:  John or Johann ((Bill’s great-grandfather), Joseph, and Franz.
Johannes lived with his third wife Marie in Trebenz (Brevenec) Moravia, Austria.  They stayed in the old country (Austria/Moravia), as did their sons Johannes Jr. and Vincent.  Their children that migrated to the United States are:  Emilie, Karl and Anna.

Generation 2
Clara * 22.3.1850, Trebenz (Brevenec) 
John (Johann) * 10.2.1855, Trebenz (Brevenec)  continuation of the observed line.
Joseph * 27.2.1857, Trebenz (Brevenec) - continuation line 
Franz * 28.2.1859, Trebenz (Brevenec) - continuation line 
Johannes jr. * ???, Trebenz (Brevenec), no other information  
Vimcent * 1866, Trebenz (Brevenec), no other information  
Emilie * 1867, Trebenz (Brevenec) - continuation line 
Karl * 1870, Trebenz (Brevenec), no other information 
Anna * 9.8.1889, Trebenz (Brevenec), no other information 

The whole family tree of Johannes Bahr you will find here

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