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Bohemian kingdom to which the emperor Franz Joseph I. reigned in the 19th century, was like the whole monarchy, in a permanent pressure from the neighboring Prussia with which it was at war since the half of the 18th century - with some breaks. They fought especially over the influence in Silesia. In 1866 the prussian chancellor Otto von Bismark assailed Austria with his and the allied troops. The main battlefield became Bohemian countries. Austrian "northern army" gathered since the middle of June 1866 within Olomouc space, so in a part very close to Šumvald. Wars, economy coyoting, the duty to handle, weak nutrition and unsure future, these all were arguments to leave this country.

From 1860 to 1890 a group of Moravians left the villages of Unter/Oberlangendorf (Dlouha Loucka), Maehr. Truebenz (Brevenec), Schoenwald (Sumvald), Roemmerstadt (Rymarov), Jonsdorf and Pinkaute (Plinkout) to settle in the town of Olmuetz, KS; now spelled Olmitz.
Our relatives are Riedl, Shenk, Bahr, Schneider, Maneth, Hlavaty, Haberman and other.

Here is a picture of Olmutz / Olmitz. End of travel and a New start ....

This time some descendants of Riedl´s tribe decided and left their native heath.  
The choice was clear - America. In America it was also the era of wars (north against south 1861-1866) but they did not know about it. 
And so it happened that Johann Riedl (*1821) from nb.40 in Šumvald with his wife Anna and their children set up for the journey overseas.
Johann is a representative of American line 01.
Another Johann Riedl (*1815) from nb.40 in Šumvald with his wife Klára and their chilren set up for the journey overseas as well.
This Johann is a representative of American line 02. From this line goes the line of American Schenk´s. You will get more information about the tribe Schenk and Šenk in the chapter related tribes on the opening page. 
Both Johns respectivelly Johanns were cousins actually, their fathers Charles and Joseph were brothers. We can assume that they travelled together on the same ship. The ship´s name was Suevia. As the year of their emigration we register the year 1877.

The aim of their journey became America, State Kansas, exactly the state Misoury, as Kansas was its part since1821. The final station of their wandering was the village Olmitz.  

In 1875, he emigrated Joseph Bahr and Clara Bahr Zimmer, on the ship SS Shiller, more .... more ...
Johann (John) Bahr departed Europe from Bremen, Germany on the ship Rhein and arrived May 15, 1885 in New York City, NY.

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