Shortly from history and also something from kin of Riedl

Where did Riedls live and where did they come from we can only guess.According to The Historical Research Center it was like that:

Among Germans,which the kin of Riedl was in good relationship,there were Saxons known as a fightloving people and when german countries were in danger because of Hungarians,german dukes turn to Saxons to its king, elected Jind°ich-Saxon duke. Jind°ich I. and his son Otto I. stoped attacts from Hungarians and extended german territory to the east Europe.This action had become known as Drang and Osten.They achieved centralizated monarchy and created effective administrate system,which prevent their rivals- german dukes- to take over the power.

In 968 Otto I. established Holy Roman Empire and obtained pope support and new resource of income from taxes in the north of Italy.Hoary ancesstors of Riedl in 11th century were witnesses of the end of Saxon dynasty with german dukes and princeses,successors of the king from Salian . Jind°ich III. (1039-56) extended the authority of Roman Catholic Church to its main position, took down three rival popes and in 1046 arranged four following popes. However, his successor was Jind°ich IV. and among his serfs we probably can put former members of Riedl's family.He had to face to again comming papacy.The Church had started to get together german princes against the king.The same as before they wanted to get the power back, the one which was taking from them by king.

This effort,known as Investiture Cantroversy,had finished 1122 by victory of pope and german's princes.However, the power of german monarchy went up for a little while during the the reign of Hohenstaufen dynasty.The first monarch was elected as a king in 1138 and the ancestors of Riedl's kin saw future in this dynasty till 1254.The most important monarch of Hohenstaufen Dynasty was Frindrich I.(1152-90),more known as Frindrich I Barbarossa due to his ginger beard.Fridrich Barbarossa was working as a companion of german princes inside of feudal structure but his successors had to face to pope-aristicratic coalition and to english and french attact in its own inrerest.The power of king had started to fell down and only Fridrich II.(1212-50),the grandson of Fridrich I. renewed its power and stability.However, he was more interested in matters in Italy and because he did not care about matters in German,homeland of Riedls, the power was again split up between the army and german s princes.


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