Our family"

I would like to summarise the informations about our closest family on this page. I´ll naturally start apart. Because all this pages are about the Riedl´s clan, the chatting about me will be a little bit. As every guy I have million hobbies, but the 3: painting, gardering and genealogy are worth for mention. When I have some free time, I am thinking what I will do. All from this hobbies enables me above all escape from the civilization touch, brutal world and after this come delightful betterment of my mood. My choice, what I will do influence season, weather and next factors, which has grease on my choice.

My painting

 Ostrava town hall, olej, 80x80  Dandelion below Lysa mountain, olej 70x70  Remembrance of naleszniky - Opole, olej 70x70

It´s my hobby, to which I provide a lot of time. Painting, it´s great, I am not some reputable artist, but I am trying to see the world positively and also to carry it over to a tableau. It is really balsam for my soul to just for enjoyment use bosh and colours and just compose…Now something about my beginnings – you can find some images on my pages Galery Mlejn

Our garden

So this is a little bit different – garden needs its time. Spring comes and the work on garden is beginning. Everything starts to swiftly bloom – its. After this comes summer months and with them omnipresent grass and after this there is a lot of work. Come what may it is necessary to periodically convert everything and in the plantation count with the grass cutting. In autumn everything starts to color itself and there is dilema – work on garden and enjoy everything, or take bosh and colours and paint all the beauty. Before chilly winter it is necessarry to prepare garden. Plough, dig, liquidate fallen leafs and finish everything what we didn´t in summer.

 spring on of our garden  summer on of our garden  autumn in front of the house  snowy garden

Family tree – examine the history of the clan

Well in fact all this pages are about this hobby. It is comething completely different. Examine of death ancestors, but also for living descendants. Visit of various places and families, correspondence, archives and death records – all of this is really surprising.


museum - Museum Mlejn

 pohled do muzea  expozice s mlýnky

Current activity that is full time "entertainment". I opened the museum in 2009.
You can read more here.
And how it all started, perhaps from nostalgia. Franz Xaver grandfather was a miller, or otherwise ..

Deduction of the clan of my wife

Surname of my wife´s father is Vrobel and mather´s Sadek-ová, name Vrobel is in a few modifications – at such a time Wrobel, Wrobl. By this clan my footprint led me to Beskydy, into Moravka, where ancestors lived. Sadek´s family descended from Ostrava. His wife is nee Kubacka-ová and her mother was Skurka-ová. They come from territory of czech-slovak borders. This tribe´s chapter is just waiting for its processing. Conclusion of this tribe is here.

My mother´s and grandmother´s /from the mother side/ tribe´s conclusion

My mother was born Kozel-ová, she is a daughter of sergeant, who travelled because of work from Hodonin via Vratimov to Vitkov, according to where it was. Kozel tribe is a gelding tribe coming from Tistin. Kozel wife born Valuch-ová, parents Valuch and Smolinska. They came from the territory of todays Slovakia from Halíc. Also these tribes have not been completely done yet. The conclusion of the tribe is here.

The tribe of my grandmother from the father´s side

My grandmother Luiza, the wife of grandfather Riedl, se narodil Prokopová. Prokops are the old czech tribe from Staric. Here I finished the exploration for the descendants. Now I try to find other descendants of this tribe. The tribe Prokop has its own websites.

Our sons´ families

We have two sons. The older one Michal and the second-born Ondřej. They both are married and both had descendant in 2005. They both draw respectively paint, the older one follow battle sport jiu-jitsu, the younger follow historical fence

Michal´s family

Michal is older, but he married later. In 2006 he married Ivona, after father Moravec-ova. They have daughter Valerie, who born in 2005. One of the predecessors of this family is Zrzavy respectively Zerzawy, whose origin is in the old czech vladyc tribe, that was in the end of 17th century rised to the posture of free monsieurs, who came from Taborsko. It was Lapaczek from Rzawi. The tribe´s arms of Lapaczek is in the right column of this page. More about the conclusion of Michal´s wife you will find here.

Ondrej´s family

Ondřej younger from sons married in 2004 Hanka Sliva-ova. In 2005 born their son Robim. Hanka´s parents and father Slíva and mother born Gibiec-ová come from Morava and Slezsko. Also here it is difficult to find some predecessors. The conclusion of Ondra´s wife´s tribe you will find here.

Family, august 2012.


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