„Not associated"

On this page there are information about those tribes that are not connected with our tribe from Šumvald , either because it wasn´t approved or because it is not possible to connect it with the time limit around the year 1600, when the Register Offices started to keep records about birth, weddings, death and similarly. They have one thing in common with our Riedl´s tribe, it is our neme-Riedl, respectively a similar mutation - Riedel, Ridel, Ridl, Rydel, Rydl. If you know something about other errant ones of this names – let us know. Or if you are interested the data about your family are published, let us know.

„Not associated“, but lived in the closeness

predecessors of Ignac Riedl - Postendorf

One of the first Riedl in America, with who I communicate, was Bert Riedl from Kansas. He sent me a lot of information about Johan Riedl, who came from Šumvald to the sate of Kansas, town Olmitz. Partially he uncovered me also the progeniture of this tribe. In return I found him a few predecessors in the father´s line. Bert´s predecessors came from Postendorf, today Bořitov near Moravská Třebová
Bořitov is about 50 km from Šumvald , but Vranov is near Brno and it is more than 100 km, maybe through alleys it would be less, but...... I did not search more about the predecessors.
Joseph Riedl got married Johanna Brenner, their son Mathaus Riedl (*12.9.1796 in Vranov, +12.2.1861 Postendorf) got married Katharina Maria Steinerova (*1.3.1794 Postendorf, +12.8.1866 Postendorf). They had 5 children. Ignac Riedl (22.11.1834 Postendorf, +17.1.1896 Olmitz, Kanas) got married Viktoria Frischerova (10.1.1831 Postendorf, +23.9.1898 Olmitz, Kansas). To America they emigrated with their children, as Johann Riedl (american line 1) and Johan Riedl (american line 2) in 1877. They all came to the state of Kansas, town Olmitz. It was fortune or they knew each other – We will not get to know it. After I send information about the predecessors of Bert´s great-grandfather , he did not make himself heard.

Riedel´s (Riedl) line from Václavov - division Bruntál

Bridgeville, PA. This information send Mrs Barbara Baker. Contact you will find on her pages. Distance between Šumvald and Václavov is today just 29 km. Normal walker can pass it in one day. Who knows, this tribes may have known each other, or they may even have been relatives. And here r they may even have been relatives. And here

Dendrolog Quido Riedel - Velká Šťáhle

When I found the name Quido Riedel, who acted in Nove Dvory at Opava, I just noted it. Much later, when I explored in history of our tribe, I wandered off to Arboretum in White Lhota. Here I got to know that the same Quido, who established botanical gardens in Nové Dvory, here in Bílá Lhota he owned small castle and was dedicated to his dendrological and botanical work. In White Lhota there is family Riedl´s sepulcher, where I wasn´t. From the administrator of arboretum I got some information about the predecessors of Quido. As the native place of some predecessors of Quido was in Velká Šťáhle, that is just 26 km from Šumvald, I wrote down this .
Riedel Kaspar, (*20.08..1779 Velká Šťáhle, +18.05.1855)
Riedel Johann, (*16.04.1822 Borotín, +10.04.1894)
father of Quido - Gustav Riedel, (15.08.1849 Velká Šťáhle, 3.01.1931)
Quido Riedel, (7.02.1878 Bílá Lhota, +17.04.1946). Quido got married Anna Czechova (*3.3.1886, +23.11.1980). In 1907 was born their daughter Alžběta Riedel-ová, who got married Valter Schubert. Valter died in 1974 and ALžběta died in 1992. A descendant lives in Brněnsko or Olomoucko. About Gustav and his sons there are information on the pages about Arboretum Nové Dvory in the chapter "History". About Arboretum in White Lhota the info are here..

According to our knowledge – other tribes

Vernon Rydel Kostohryz - Mexico
Riedl´s tribe from Hodslavice at Nový Jičín

Vernon R. Kostohryz after mother Riedel, after father Kostohryz, lives in Mexico. So this sir has in his tribe František Palacký. Have a look at his pages where you find something about Riedl´s history – from Johan Riedel *1625 up to Adelle Rydel (1898-1993). Under lucky circumstances I came across his web pages few years ago and I contacted. Mr. Vernon was so kind and gave mi the first addresses of american Riedls. And this way started my exploration of relatives who emigrated to America.
From Šumvald to Hodslavice it is about 100 km – it is not so far and it had to be possible to walk or get there by carriage. Genealogy pages of Vernon R. Kstohryz

Rydel (Ried) from Vysočany up to Zuzana Baakman

Mrs Zuzana Baakman lives in Netherland , she contacted me herself. I published what she knew about the predecessors from the information and photos she gave me. About Riedl´s tribe according to the info of Mrs Zuzana.

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