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Ancestors of Schenk, Šenk

A talk about the Schenk´s tribe and also Šenk

When looking for the ancestors of Riedl´s family, I came across the surname Schenk, respectivelly Šenk, for several times. For several times these tribes became one and some descendants are included in our family tree. I also tried to explore little bit in these lines, especially the ancestors of Schenk tribe, Šenk or perhaps Synek as the oldest Schenk was called.  
Not all the information are confirmed by looking for in the register. Materials from Josepf Vytřísal from Štenberk and Stephen Schenk from Toubelice were used at compounding. Other sources were used from genealogical pages „Bill and Diana Sowers“ .

The oldest from the found Schenks is George Schenk called Synek who was born in about 1610, probably in the farm land nb. 42 in Šumvald. Georg with his son Franz (Frank) ran away from the farm land nb. 42 into the mountain village Měrotín during the 30 years´ war with Swedes. According to available information they were called „Synek“. 
All data were composed then by Mr Stephen Schenk born 9.6.1881 in Troubelice and Mr Josepf Vytřísal born 10.4.1907 in Renoty, with his flat in Šterberk worked on the next. For Šumvald´s branch, the family tree was then handed by Mr RNDr Otto Schenk from Opava. Afterwards I connected those people at whom it was possible.  
Josepf Šenk from the 11th generation married Jane Riedl, daughter of John Riedl from Břevenec – s linie Břevenec. This is the connection of both tribes. The whole family tree of George Schenk you will find here and here is the family tree of Šumvald´s Šenk from the oldest famous ancestor:  

Generation 1 – Georg Schenk – SYNEK
George was born in about 1610 probably in Šumvald in the farm land nb. 42. From the records I got we do not know the names of wives and probably also not of every descendant up to the third generation and by the fifth generation we know only one son so only the sire line is controlled. We know that George had a son:
Franz * between 1635 - 1640, Šumvald nb.40 – continuation of the observed line.

Generation 2 – Franz Schenk
Frank was born between the years 1635-1640 also in Šumvald nb.42. During the 30 years´ war, Frank was with his father in Měrotín, where they ran away from the Swedish troops.  Franz was also married and we know he had a son:
Hanes * 1678, Bergstadt - continuation of the observed line 

Generation 3 – Hanes Schenk
Hanes perhaps Johan was born probably in Měrotín in 1678, baptized in Bergstadt ( Horní Město at Rýmařov). Johan´s wife was Mary. Johan and Mary had a son:
Antonius * 5.2.1718, Měrotín - continuation of the observed line

Generation 4 – Antonius Schenk
Antonius was born 5.2.1718 in Měrotín. Antonius married Marianna Balcárková from Šumvald (born 3.6.1736) and came back to Šumvald on the farm land nb.42. Antonius and Marianna had a son:
Joanes * 21.6.1750, Šumvald nb.42 - continuation of the observed line 

Generation 5 – Joanes Schenk
John was born in home farm land nb.42 in Šumvald 21.6.1750 in Šumvald. John married Susane Phillipová (born 20.11.1773), daughter of George Phillip, agriculturalist from Šumvald. Jane and Suzan bought a farm on Moravian field. But good fortune did not smile on them, storm and floods took them everything and so they came back to Šumvald nb. 113. At their house they had a garden with apple trees „Roman“ and since then they have got the nickname Roman Schenk – Remášek. John worked as a worker. John and Suzan had a son:
Tom *9.12.1778 - continuation of the observed line.

Generation 6 – Tom Schenk
Tom was born 9.12.1778 in Šumvald nb.113. Tom married Anna Lachnitová from Piňovice. Tom and Anna had seven children together, sons:
Josef I. * 30.3.1815 - continuation of the observed line.
Karel (Charles)
Jan (John)
František (Fank)
Antonín (Anthony) left for America, came back and after two years he left for America with his two friends for good.
Pumek Pumek or Sumek moved to Břevenec. 

Generation 7 – Josef I. Schenk
Joseph called Joseph I. was born 30.3.1815 in Šumvald. Joseph married Anna Housírková (mother Marianna Smékalová from Úsov). Joseph and Anna bought a house nb. 82 in Šumvald and built a shop on nb. 19. They had 7 children:
Theresie (*1741), no other information
Josef II. (*1842) - continuation of Sumvald I line.
Jan(*1844) - continuation of Dlouha Loucka line. (only in the Czech language)
Benedikt (*1846), no other information
František (Frank) married M.Crhová from Litovel. He was a businessman in Litovel, they had four children with his wife: Sophia, Anthonia, Rose and Vlasta. 
Isidor (*1852), married Theresia Schmiedtová. They bought a farmhouse nb. 61 in Dlouhá Loučka (Unter Landendorf). Isidor and Theresie did not have any children. They donated the agricultural farmhouse to Kropáček´s family. 
Anna, married Julius Marschall from Břevenec. Julia and Julius had 3 sons: Joseph, Johann and Julius. They lived in Břevenec nb. 44 and after the war they were pushed off to Federal Republic of Germany in 1945.

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